load a jpg file on boot (PS2)

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load a jpg file on boot (PS2)

Post by mazxim »


I wish to assemble a cd that can boot into PS2 and do the follow jobs:

1. show a .jpg file, even (but isn't really necessary) with a fade in effect or such.
2. stand by on that for 5 seconds.
3. fade out the image and then switch out and launch an .elf prog of my choice.

I first thought about the "jpgviewer" subroutine that is a part of the ulaunchelf project, a very nice indeed, though it is based in turn on the common libraries "libjpg" if I'm not wrong. I'm not even so much into programming so I only have to ask if exist a relatively easy way to achive the result.
Thanks in advance!
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Umm i dont think it is as easy as just burning a CD to do that buddy.... You would have to dump the whole bios from the ps2 and modify it to be able to boot from a cd first.... and I would have no idea how to do that..........
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It would probably be easier to take a look at BMP2C, and write a quick app to display the image. Or, you could take a look at the tutorials on this site, some of which describe exactly how to do this :)
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