problems with cygwin installing psptoolchain please help

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problems with cygwin installing psptoolchain please help

Post by hodgie »

in "Hacking the PSP" book in the programming section when using Cygwin and going to install psptoolchain i get a message saying
../depends/ line 5: autoconf: command not found
ERROR: Install autoconf before continuing.
../depends/ Failed

like I said I am an extreme noob and know nothing about hacking or programming or homebrews. if somebody please could try and give me detailed instructions. I am highly interested in all of this but know nothing
:( my email address is [email protected]
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Post by Smong »

Before you install the toolchain you need to install what are called "dependencies". The current dependencies are listed at:

To get them run cygwin setup.exe, then when it shows you the package list, click the "view" button in the top right until it says "full" (this doesn't install everything, just reorders the list to make it easier to find stuff). Then scroll around the list and add the required packages (such as autoconf).
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Post by Weeman »

I have the same problem and I tried everything...the solution above me did not help....

Does someone know more about this problem?
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PC Tutorial

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For the future: the most important thing in the internet is always the SEARCH funktion. On any board, for any problem, whenever you get stuck, first do a long search.

For the present: use this Tut. It installs a bit too much but worked well on a WinXP
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