[ RELEASE ] Wordingo v0.4

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[ RELEASE ] Wordingo v0.4

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Here's Wordingo v0.4.

There are many new features in this version:

- AI player with customisable difficulty level
- Board editor.
- Tile score/freq editor.
- Anagram / Word finder now takes notice of blanks.
- Clock & battery monitor displayed on screen at all times.
- Numerous bug fixes.

[Edit: Anyone who encounters a problem with the timer running out when the play has only just started should set the timer option = 0 on the options screen. This appears to be a luaplayer bug under certain conditions.]

http://psplua.com/modules/uploader/inde ... go0.41.zip

http://psplua.com/modules/uploader/inde ... go04_1.JPG
http://psplua.com/modules/uploader/inde ... go04_2.JPG
http://psplua.com/modules/uploader/inde ... go04_3.JPG
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