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A place to post legitimate, console-related project recruitment or commercial employment opportunities.
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Please read before posting.

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Quoted for laziness:
I do like the idea of a help wanted forum, but here's how I see it happening:

1) We should limit it to consoles, possibly Sony-only.
Console development is an obscure enough skill that it isn't far fetched that someone may look here for xbox or gamecube or whatever developers. I know a lot of us dabble in various platforms.

2) There should be very specific outlining of compensation involved.
Is it a free project? Do you plan on showing a demo to a publisher in hopes of getting paid someday? Or are you an established company looking to hire more staff? Be very clear in order to avoid problems later.

3) The project should be more than notes scribbled on a napkin.
You should be able to point to a website where the project has been described or at least provide some description of the project beyond 'Oh its a cool new FPS RPG LOL BBQ game!'. Some concept artwork would be nice, or at least some indication of being more than idea you came up with during your beer-soaked Halo 2 weekend. I'm talking to you, fratboy!

4) We (ps2dev/pspdev) are not responsible for the content.
This one is obvious, but should be pointed out from the start. We do not check into the posts that are made and only provide a place where they can be posted. If a person gets screwed out of payment by a bad deal its their own damn fault. ALWAY READ CAREFULLY AND PROTECT YOURSELF.
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