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PSPong v0.1

Post by spz »

Hi all,

I sat down a few hours the other night and wrote a pong clone for my PSP - PSPong v0.1.
Nothing revolutionizing or polished I know, but I figured I could post it anyways :)
Needless to say it will only run on version 1.0 of the firmware.

- Get the EBOOT.PBP
- View the movie (28MB, QuickTime, with text)
- View the movie (38MB, MPEG, no text)

- 1 player mode against AI (unbeatable at the moment unless paddle speed is slower than ballspeed).
- 2 player mode. Player 1 uses the up and down keys, player 2 uses triangle and X.
- modify the ball and paddle speeds
- modify the score limit (how many times you have to score before you win).
- Home button will exit the game.

So there you have it, enjoy if at all possible (and use at own risk, just in case).
Big thanks to this forum, nem and #pspdev!

PS. Just as a precaution use at own risk, should be 100% safe but I want my ass covered ;)
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Post by numchuckskills »

Super sweet bro... Want to flash back to 1.0 so flippin bad, gosh....

And again, excellent work...
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Post by subbie »

damn it damn it damn it.
:( someone beat me to writing pong.

Guess i have to move on to porting an emu or wolf3d.
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Post by Cogboy »

heh, wolf3D would be great.
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Post by zigzag »

Or doooom!
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Post by Drakonite »

Please keep release announcements in the PSP general forum. Thank you.
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Post by spz »

Sorry mod, my excuse is the same as Grover's; hadn't noticed the general forum was unlocked. My bad!
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