Some Enchancements to do in the forum

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Some Enchancements to do in the forum

Post by terremoth »

To the forum admins, It would be nice to:
  • add a sitemap.xml for the forum, so Google and Bing can easily re-index the forum and its contents;
  • fix email going to spam (when I created my account, the confirmation email was sent to it), so people won't have problems creating accounts again;
  • try to update the PHP version and phpBB software version, if was not updated yet;
  • set to index this new forum pages, so if goes down another time, at least will be cached the contents;
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Re: Some Enchancements to do in the forum

Post by Oobles »

If these are things you know how to do, please let me know and I can provide access so you can make the changes.

The server is on a Digitalocean droplet running latest PHP and latest phpbb. The other things I haven't touched.

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