Linux and emulators

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Linux and emulators

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I installed YDL when I first got my PS3 a year ago but very quickly removed it because I couldn't remove the black borders after several hours of messing around. I'm going to upgrade my hard drive and would like to use it purely for emulators (SNES, Genesis etc.) but I've got a few questions before I attempt to do the Linux thing again. Any help would be much appreciated.

1. Is YDL still the one to go for or is there a better Linux OS to use for gaming emulators?

2. Is it possible to restore my existing PS3 back-up data onto my new hard drive after installing Linux (including games I've purchased etc.) using the back-up utility or do I need to save all my game saves and stuff individually like I did last time I followed a Yellow Dog tutorial? I don't want to lose my saves and games I purchased etc.

3. Is removing the black borders any more user-friendly now in YDL/other Linux OS?

4. Where should I get the emulators from?

5. Is there a user-friendly way of installing emulators that work with the PS3 control pads or is the PS3 control pad functionality a separate thing which needs to be dealt with after installing the emulator?
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