start developing for playstation

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start developing for playstation

Post by lingo1357 »


i plan to start developing for play could see some of my games here:
also i can creat games like crash.
1.where should i start? can i publish or distribute my games?
3.can i self publish

please inform me if you could.

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Re: start developing for playstation

Post by gayler »

lingo1357 can i publish or distribute my games?
3.can i self publish
I second that
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Post by jgrimm »

1. if ur a beginner browsing the PS2 Development forum and in general should help you start. If you dont like editing c code with notepad, you can use somthing like visual c++ express or dev c++ for code editing, but you have to compile with ps2sdk. if you need ps2sdk it is free and i can upload it for you.

2. for distributing games probably the best way is to compile them as ELF files and distribute via the internet. But only people with exploits will be able to use them.

3. for publishing and distributing on disks, i really cant help you there because im no professional developer just a 13 yr old kid with too mch free time. but i believe like you see on covers of ps2 games that you need to be a licensed developer and contact sony to get your games published and sold

hope this helps -jsngrimm
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