Pre-2.0 FW PS3 for Exchange (or sale)

Investigation into how Linux on the PS3 might lead to homebrew development.

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Pre-2.0 FW PS3 for Exchange (or sale)

Post by cnlohr »

I know it seems strange to post a thing like this here, but I just don't have the time to do any more RSX stuff and I figured anyone who wanted would need a pre-2.10 (let alone 2.0) FW ps3.

I even have an old copy of Gentoo + the RSX demo on my youtube installed.

I am interested in either exchanging or selling my PS3. If I exchange, I plan to upgrade the firmware in whatever PS3 I exchange with to the newest and wipe the system.

Anyone want to work on the RSX stuff in hopes it leads anywhere?

If I get no response by Tuesday, June 30 I am retracting this offer.
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Post by Chinaphoro »

Hello all,

I need source code for GNU gprof. I have searched on internet but didnt get it. So, can anybody give me a link for downloading the same?
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