[Request] Simple elf loader (for use with Free McBoot)

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[Request] Simple elf loader (for use with Free McBoot)

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I'm looking for an elf loader, similar to uLaunchelf, with HDD support, but without all the options of uLaunchelf. Something that is able to be launched from Free McBoot, but only has 1 option that automatically runs after loading.(Configurable by holding SELECT or something before loading) If i have to copy and paste the .elf multiple times under different names, then so be it.(A .cnf file thats able to be renamed might work, i think.)

I have almost zero programming experience so any help is greatly appreciated.

Edit: Although uLaunchelf has a multiple .cnf function, the default timer seems to be disable itself if the .cnf is switched by pressing left or right on the D-pad, but the timer still works if the .cnf is not changed.

Edit: After doing a bit more research on the .cnf files, i was able to figure out that if a launchelf.cnf is put in the same folder as the ulaunchelf.elf, it loads that config instead of the one off the mem card. Using LaunchELF 3.0(smallest size) and copying it multiple times to different folders(for different apps) and setting each Launchelf up individually, I was able to achieve what I was asking for here.

An even more slimmed down version of Launchelf would be better, especially due to the fact its only loading 1 elf from it(default), and setting the timer to 1(to configure) or 0(when perfected).
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