PSP for animation? - (hope this is the right place!)

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PSP for animation? - (hope this is the right place!)

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Hi Folks.
I work for an Arts education charity in the UK. We've been using the PSP for the last year or so to play artist interviews, film clips and stills. All of which is fine but is a fairly passive use of the PSP.

What has got me excited is the idea of using the PSP with Go! camera as a voice activated animation tool. We have outreach sessions in the community which essentially means we'll go out with Laptop web / DV camera tripod etc.

But what we'd like to do is have an accessible method of introducing them to animation and be able to leave them with the tools to animate for themselves. Even using the camera to capture a sequence of stills which could be imported in something like Quicktime Pro would be fantastic.

What i'd like to know is:
A) Is there anyone out there who knows how to develop something like this.
B) Where are you? (In terms of feedback UK based developers would be handy)
C) How do we get started?

Thanks for your time

BCA Gallery.
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