PS2 Slim and Linux - some questions

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PS2 Slim and Linux - some questions

Post by zake »

Hello everybody

i am sure that it is possible to find - but i hope someone will help me


I read the "" and the problems with the "PS2 - Slim Version".

I only have a SlimVersion and i want to run linux (ps2 should be my samba fileserver - i want to connect 2 USB-Hdds wiht USB 2.0)

1. i need "Action Replay: The ARmax media player can start kloader.elf"
Is it right ? (dont want to buy modchip)

2. USB 2.0 is a Problem ? (if yes - its k.o. !)

3. Samba is a problem ? (if yes - its k.o. ! )

4. switch to original SONY OS - is a problem ? ( I think no problem - for example i dont use boot cd or chip to boot other kernee!?)

5. ohter way to Samba with usb 2.0 on playstation slim ?

thx to all


if i am totally wrong with these questions here (in this forum) --> pls tell me !!? i dont want to get on anybodies nerves !
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