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Dev links that still exist

Post by J.F. »

Let's start the new forum off with a thread on PSX development pages that are still around.

Padua Playstation Resource - the quintessential development page for the PSX
Home of the Hitmen - PSX Page - yet another quintessential development page for the PSX
James Home Page - home for one of the best PSX developers. Has the essential PSX audio library. Currently moving to a different server.
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Post by tsomctl » had a toolchain based off of gcc that ran on Linux. There were also some utils and libraries to work with tims/other files along with connecting to the action relay. It looks like it has disappeared, but I have a collection of tarballs/rpms of the last stable release, if someone has a place I could upload them to.
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Post by Herben »

Not directly dev-related but some good tools/info for Action Replay including Caetla ROMs:
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Post by J.F. »

Note - some pages from James Home Page are still up.
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Post by Maximus32 »

You can download some Net Yaroze (official sdk) PDF files here:

Not Yaroze (un-official sdk), with some good info:

offtopic: I think a PS1 forum is a great idea. All communities and most sites seem to be gone. Perhaps what's left of the sites and tools can be backed-up/hosted on ps2dev?
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net yaroze

Post by GENERiC »

Personally, I recommend you purchase Net Yaroze Kit. ;)
Lot of consoles. ;)
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