Offload™ for Cell Broadband Engine™ LINUX

Investigation into how Linux on the PS3 might lead to homebrew development.

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Offload™ for Cell Broadband Engine™ LINUX

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Just letting you know that its available now to download free.

Offload: Community Edition is a development tool suite for writing real-world C++ applications for the Cell Broadband Engine™. Offload provides a simple method for offloading the parts of your code you want to execute on the SPUs of the Cell processor. All you need to do is mark up the code you want offloaded and Offload will automatically handle the scheduling, data transfer and execution.

The Offload tool suite includes everything you need; Compiler, Multi-Core Runtime Library, Source Level Debugger and an Eclipse IDE plugin for Linux developers or a Visual Studio plugin for games developers. All of these components can integrate seamlessly with your existing development tools.

Maybe it can improve performance to certain apps.
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