Using EHCI under PS2 emulation

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Using EHCI under PS2 emulation

Post by keen »

I have searched the forum, and other forums. I know that it is impossible to implement EHCI driver for PS2 IOP. I'm just wondering about possibility to use EHCI in PS3 with PS2 emulation. Have anyone tried to reach PS3's EHCI ever before. I believe there is something to use EHCI oneday, because AFAIK PS2's IOP in PS3 is an emulation and AFAIK it is a software. So, maybe someone will able to use PS3's usb ports without PS2's IOP emulation. Is it possible. Sorry for rawness question if any. I'm trying to learn PS2 programming nowadays. Please share your experiences.

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Post by jimparis »

No, not possible.
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I would say you to focus in a dev environment for the OS your are using and left virtual environments just to build Wings3d distribution for other OS.
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