Help! firmware problem??

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Help! firmware problem??

Post by timp »

Hello there, forgive me if this is the wrong forum to post questions.. not sure where this should go.. Im wondering if someone can help me?
Iv'e just bought Medal of Honor - Heroes 2, but when I try and start the game, i get the error message,: The game could not start (80020148).
The system software is 3.03 OE-A, and if I think the update version is 3.52? (thats what it says when I go to the icon underneath the UMD icon.
I have tried to upgrade the firmware to 3.80, but get the error The game could not be started (DADADADA).
Other games I have (such as Lumnies 2) work fine, as do videos.

I'd really appreciate some help.. what are my options here?

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Post by mirzab14 »

DADADA is D_A's way of saying "You cannot update to official". Update to a newer custom firmware (3.52 M33), and then install update 4 for it, then update to 3.80 M33.
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