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Mathazzar Studios | Professional Music Composition

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Hi guys!

My name is Marius Masalar and I'm a composer for media. Through my personal company, Mathazzar Studios, I provide film-quality music for productions that have ranged across many different types of media; from film, to video games, to theatre, and television. I'm looking to contribute to the wonderful diversity of projects I've seen coming out in the gaming industry, so if you're a developer looking to add a professional and engaging soundtrack to your newest project, keep reading!

As a demonstration of my work, I offer several demo tracks in a variety of styles for your consideration:

Bold, Orchestral Rock Theme:

Percussive, Tense Orchestral — "It Had To Be Snakes": ... Snakes.mp3

Dramatic Orchestral — "The Expedition":

Jazzy - "Restless":

Techno, Epic - "Spectraball Theme/Space Stage":

Ethnic, Otherworldly - "Opium Pits":

Creepy Orchestral — "The Orphanage":

Light-Hearted, Looping Background - "A for Africa":

Ethnic, Percussive — "Incantation":

Film Scoring Example (Animation) - "Space Alone":
YouTube - Marius Masalar presents "Wish Upon a Star" - Space Alone

If you'd like to see my resume, you can do so right on my website at My various contact details are available in my profile and below. I love getting email, so please don't hesitate to drop me a line!

Either way, I believe my music speaks for me better than any number of words could, so please enjoy the demo tracks and feel free to contact me with any business enquiries!

Name: Marius Masalar
Website: Mathazzar Studios | Music Composer for Media
Compensation: Extremely flexible and fair rates. Open for discussion, but my main goal is to provide your project with the best music possible regardless.

  • Email: marius [at]
  • MSN: mariusm [at]
  • AIM: TheMentor6
  • Skype: Mathazzar
Kind regards,
Marius Masalar
Mathazzar Studios
Composer for Media
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