PS3 Custom Linux Distro - Bluetooth Sixaxis Help Needed

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PS3 Custom Linux Distro - Bluetooth Sixaxis Help Needed

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Custom Linux Distro for PS3 built from nothing but source code. Focusing on Minimalism in a way that allows for people to build off of it to make their own ideal system. Will start off only with a bootable linux system with Xorg7/XFCE, and unbranded firefox (Bon Echo).

What needs to be finished:
Bluetooth SixAxis - Bluez-4.17 is installed though I don't know much about Bluez or how to troubleshoot it. I can't seem to get the sixaxis to pair on my distro, I'm going to look into sixpair.c that comes with Bluez-4.17 but it looks as though it needs some patching before it will compile.

Some other random fixes are needed as well but they arent critical and I can fix them after I get bluetooth working.

What I'm looking for:
Someone with a decent knowledge of compiling linux programs from source. Someone with a decent knowledge of Bluez-4.x , D-bus (maybe), udev (maybe) and someone who has any idea on how to get sixaxis to pair up and work over bluetooth.

A little more info
System is built with the linux kernel from, no geoff/cell patches. from what I can tell everything necessary is included in the kernel. But feel free to tell me otherwise. This is a hobby project. No compensation will be given other than credit where credit is due.

If you'd like to help
If you'd like to help out then post a comment. If you have a free partition on your PS3 I can give you a backup up of my system. To get it running you'd simply have to format a fresh partition and untar the file to that partition.
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