Yellow Dog - Need help

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Yellow Dog - Need help

Post by Majiinfreddy »

Hi there.
I was looking for a ps3 forum and here is where I ended up :P

I recently bought myself a ps3 and I havent been so happy with a console (..or anything else for that matter^^,) since I bought my psp.
So I wanted to install Yellow Dog linux, for obvious reasons.... SNES :D
Started browsing through some guides etc etc, did what they told me to (at least, I like to believe that..) but of course, it failed me!

What I am looking for is YOU.
A person who has at least installed Yellow dog 6.0 on the ps3 a couple of times and knows abit about this whole thing.
Also, IF you are able to make Yellow dog run on my ps3 TODAY (saturday, 28th of june [in norway]) I will pay you for the trouble =)

Here's abit of the problem at least:
I got into the whole "ms dos" look in linux where you are supposed to start the install (kboot or something) I get an error, one is about a file is missing and the other one I don't remember atm :P Sorry ;>
That's how far as I get.

So... IF you are able to help me, I want YOU to send me a private message here or simply reply here with your e-mail.
Also, You got to have MSN Messenger since I will want to ask you alot of NOOB questions :P

Appreciate all help.
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