looking for a coder for project: PSP sampler!

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looking for a coder for project: PSP sampler!

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hi, i'm a graphic artist and a musician. and i have a psp!

sometimes i think i'd kill to have a simple sampler on my psp, so i don't have to carry my laptop to every gig, just to trigger some samples.. and now i thought if i can find a programmer, i can provide graphics and tons of samples, and we create a useful program for me and for everyone else out there!

i know there's plenty of "lua based" kinda sample playing programs out there, for example PSPguitar, or Vdrum triggers samples when you touch a button. but that's a very simple and primitve way of sampling.

what's on my mind is this: a sampler that uses loop points! guys dealing with music can understand what i mean, but i'll explain this as much as i can for the ordinary users.

without loop points, when you trigger a sample, it plays and it ends. even if you hold the button still.. but if we use loop points, the sample plays as long as we keep the button pressed. a keyboard sample, or a string section chord, or a synth sample.. it would be damn cool if you can play a string chord section as long as you keep the button pressed, and when you release the button, the chord dies slowly.

the thing is simple, you just set two loop points in the sample you trigger and when you press and hold the button, the sample starts to play, passes the first loop point, and when it reaches the second loop point, it directly jumps to the first loop point, and when it reaches the second loop point, jumps to first one again and again.. and when you release the button, playhead passes the second loop point and plays the rest of the sample (probably the decay of the sample) instead of jumping to point one. but it may sound like a broken vinyl if you keep the loop length so long. but there's another little trick to defeat this: instead of jumping to loop point one when reached point two, the sample plays backwards from point two to point one! so it's a ping pong, 1 to 2, 2 to 1, 1 to 2, 2 to 1, 1 to 2 and that goes on as long as you keep the button pressed!

it doesn't sound that hard right? that's the same method the first sample based amiga trackers used for sampling instruments.

so if someone here is capable of coding this kind of stuff, i'll be able to provide tons of samples, make some instrument kits, prepare sample kits with different tonal possibilities, chromatic kits, or kits in a musical scale, so everyone can play an enjoy it, people can even play together!

if we can do this, the next step would be switching instruments with L, R buttons and maybe using the analog to control a dsp effect's two parameters (such as LP filter's cutoff and resonance, or a delay's delaytime and feedback).

i can't stop to think! since the analog is centered all the time, we can use the analog to trigger 2 parameters at once but 4 parameters in total, i mean +x and +y, -X and -y

people setup bands using iphones and nintendo ds and i think that sucks and unpro :)
with this idea of psp sampler, everyone can simply create their own sampled instruments easily!
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Post by Jim »

boom! bop-di-bop-boom! L,R,LL,R.
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