[PSP] Help request with Soft Body Physic

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[PSP] Help request with Soft Body Physic

Post by Drakon »

Hi everyone I think that this is right place to write this post - I hope so.
Some time ago I found some very interesting paper about soft body physic in here :
http://panoramix.ift.uni.wroc.pl/~maq/eng/index.php and the paper is here -
http://panoramix.ift.uni.wroc.pl/~maq/s ... ftbody.pdf
there is also a small source code as an example.
I already modified it to work on PSP with pspGl and its here ready to just run : http://drakon.xxl-web.pl/psp/soft_body.rar .

Later I found walaber JelloPhysics library : http://walaber.com/index.php?action=showitem&id=16 that is in C# with XNA. I's great soft body physics library, based on the paper that I pointed.

So here is my request - i'm working on port of JelloPhysic from C# to C++ and looking for some more skilled C++ programmers than me for help:/ I modified original JelloPhysic to be independent from any rendering engine but still in C# - it can be found here in svn repository :
with sample that use opengl to draw shapes. If anyone is interested here is my first test to port it to c++ -
http://drakon.xxl-web.pl/psp/Jello.rar - but it's not working correctly. I found already some bugs.

Anyone will be very helpful in this small project. Just think about this - physic like in LocoRoco, in your homebrew ;)
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Post by MyCreditDom »

Try exporting the files again with your mod active. If that doesnt work, you might need to just redo the mod. Sorry I cant offer any more help.
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Post by Chinaphoro »

Alright so my epic project that i have been away working on is very cool. It will give you can ultima sort of feel with fresh new graphics. I need help on how to make it so my engine uses 16x16 tiles. Can anyone help me please?
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