Problems with libmikmod

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Problems with libmikmod

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Hello everybody,
this is my first attempt at developing or PSP.
yesterday I installed the cygwin and the latest toolchain, then I dl psplibraries from svn and built everything. I met some problems when compiling LuaPlayer though: is seems that the sound.cpp files I checked out rely on an old version of libmikmod. Actually here ( ... 00309.html) I found the right files (or, at least, they allow sound.cpp to be compiled).
Then I had linking problems with libmmio. I checked my libmikmod distro (as downloaded from ps2dev svn), recompiled it myself, but that file is nowhere to be found. Removing -lmmio from the LuaPlayer makefiles allows to compile and link everything, but then, I obtain a LuaPlayer eboot that seems to be working perfectly (lowser and all the demos work), but no sound at all!
I'm a complete n00b on PSPdev.

kind of unrelated but: is there a way to see debug output of a PSP app on windows? Is PSPLink the program to look at? I was used to work on WinCE and have the crappy activesync connect and allow me to see the debug output from evc... something similar would be very welcome!
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