Access Point Scanning

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Access Point Scanning

Post by burrito »

I'm trying to make a wifi access point scanning app:

Code: Select all

red =,0,0)
white =,255,255)
gray =,190,190)

while true do

screen:print(25,15, "Router Name",red)
screen:print(195,15, "Strength",red)
screen:print(365,15, "Encryption",red)
screen:print(0,25, "------------------------------------------------------------",red)
screen:print(15,255, "Battery:",gray)
screen:print(110,255, "%",gray)

percent = System.powerGetBatteryLifePercent()
screen:print(100,255, percent,gray)

nametable = Wlan.getConnectionConfigs(2)
nametable = {a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i}

screen:print(25, 30, nametable.a,white)
screen:print(25, 40, nametable.b,white)
screen:print(25, 50, nametable.c,white)
screen:print(25, 60, nametable.d,white)
screen:print(25, 70, nametable.e,white)
screen:print(25, 80, nametable.f,white)
screen:print(25, 90, nametable.g,white)
screen:print(25, 100, nametable.h,white)
screen:print(25, 110, nametable.i,white)

I get the error "no arguments expected" for the "nametable = Wlan.getConnectionConfigs(2)" line. How can I fix this?
And also, what are the functions for showing each access point's signal strength and encryption (wep, none, etc.)?
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Post by chaos^^ »

hi, I'm not an expert but the error is simply to the fact that Wlan.getConnectionConfigs() function doesn't require any argument, so you may use it just as:

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array = {}
array = Wlan.getConnectionConfigs()
Hope to been useful.
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Post by PiCkDaT »

uhm.. I'm no expert either.. but I'm pretty sure that Wlan.getConnectionConfigs() gets configuration's for a network connections that has already been made. LuaPlayer as of right now I dont think has an access point scanner. Please do notify me if I'm wrong...
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Re: Access Point Scanning

Post by the underminer »

burrito wrote: And also, what are the functions for showing each access point's signal strength and encryption (wep, none, etc.)?
Wow, this forum is still alive? I thought everyone would be at the official one.

Anyway, I'll have to disappoint you. The things you name cannot be read out with luaplayer. the function returns a table with the name of each found connection. No encryption,strength or whatever
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