A.I. for racing/shooting

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A.I. for racing/shooting

Post by HippiHippo »

I am in need of A.I. coding to make cars race on a track and A.I. for shooting when in front or behind another A.I. or player.

And is it hard to make a scrolling map?
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Post by Arwin »

There are examples for scrolling maps around.

The difficulty of the AI depends a lot on the specs of your game. You may want to give some specifics. I assume something akin to the 2D top-down racers by Codemasters (Micromachines) or Atari's Supersprint?
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Post by imhotep »

scrolling is easy, just look at LUMO's example at his page.

AI is a wide field and you should check
1) some LUA examples
2) web resources for other games/blogs/essays about AI

there's a short "tut" by themariokarters, i think either at QJ or maxconsole
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Post by wekilledbambi03 »

for a simple ai use some randoms. for example create a random object where the outcome is either a 1 or 2. if 1 shoot if 2 dont. same for speed. 1 accel 2 dont. thats pretty basic but itll do for now. you could check my drag racer game(can be found on pspupdates) for my simple ai
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Post by romero126 »

AI is code used to control NPC's learn to code. Based on your engine you use your ai will act accordingly.
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