Question about getting the DOWNLOAD LINK in PSP WEB-BROWSER

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Question about getting the DOWNLOAD LINK in PSP WEB-BROWSER

Post by Swissidle »

is there a way that i can save links/url in psp web-browser.

yes i know, you can bookmark any of the web pages/websites that you visited, but what i want is to save specific URL when downloading certain files over the psp web browser:


I visited, I browsed all of the files and decided to download a certain file inside I click on the file which i want to download so it will automatically proceed to download showing the filename, url and the status bar.. what i want is to get "THAT" URL. is there a way i can save that into the bookmark or anything else?

One more, somebody of you help me to find a working WLAN Sample program for LUA? i can't find any working WLAN sample. the WLAN Sample included on the latest LUA doesn't even worked for me..

help :)

thanks in advance
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Post by slasher2661996 »

Not with lua you can't
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