From LUA to PGE-LUA, I have an little problem...

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From LUA to PGE-LUA, I have an little problem...

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I try just PGE - LUA to learn but i have a small problem.... :(

I know how I can do this in LUA but in PGE-LUA there were other commands...

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file ="ms0:/lol.txt","r")
mysting = file:read()

newstring = string.sub(mystring,1,12)

screen:print(x,y,"The LoL-File says:" ..newstring)
and in PGE-LUA....? I don't know... :(

Please help me! :p

here some tipps ;) ... &Itemid=31

Thanks in Advance!!
Sorry for my bad English... :'( I hate it self! :D

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Although PGE has new file commands, the old ones are still in there and, according to me, just as good. So you can still use that. screen:print cannot be used in PGE. You need to load a font and use that. ... &Itemid=31
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Post by MistPhoenix »

to load a font use the following:

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font = pge.font.load("verdana.ttf", 12, PGE_RAM)      --location of ttf, pixel size, mem location(either PGE_RAM or PGE_VRAM)
white = pge.gfx.createcolor(255, 255, 155)               --r,g,b

--Main Loop
while pge.running() do

   font:activate()                                           --Activate font for drawing
   font:print(40, 25, white, "Hello World!")       --print the font at x, y, color, text

Make sure that your font is activate() first as shown above only between pge.gfx.startdrawing() and pge.gfx.enddrawing(). Also your font must have a specified color which is the third argument in print()
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