[Help] Change Brightness Level OR Press Button

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[Help] Change Brightness Level OR Press Button

Post by sockets »

Is there a function I can call to change my brightness level or programmatically press a button?

The reason I need this is because my PSP is stuck on brightness level 2. I recently dropped my PSP and for some reason my NOTE and BRIGHTNESS buttons stopped working.

I don't care about NOTE, although it would be nice to re-map both keys somewhere else somehow. I tried using REMAPSP but it seems it doesn't have NOTE & BRIGHTNESS buttons mapped.

Anyway! I just wanna get bright again, anyone think they can help me out?
I tried searching but I can't seem to find anything that would help me as far as LUA player.

pad = Controls.write() .. or something?
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Post by PiCkDaT »

No that will not work. LuaPlayer doesn't have a brightness function. There hasn't been a use for it really. The Controls.read() might read if you are pushing the brightness button.. but it wont change the brightness
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