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Important Information on the PSP Forums!

Post by ooPo »

What's going on? What happened to the old forums?

As time moves on and the psp scene changes, we here at pspdev have found that there are many other websites and forums that carry discussions on general psp topics. There are also many websites that are working on exploits and other such 'grey-area' things. So, we've decided to focus these forums yet again on their original purpose - the creation of new homebrew software.

Currently, we have two discussion forums dedicated to this aim:

PSP Software Development
PSPSDK Support and Development

We have removed the following forums:

PSP General Discussion
PSP Software Discussion
PSP Exploit Research and Development

Why did you remove the forum about the exploits?

The exploit discussions that took place here never really contributed much, if at all, to the current state of the exploits available. It was always a fine line between wanting to open up homebrew to the masses, but trying to avoid piracy. So, its better to avoid it entirely - especially now that its fairly open. There are other folk out there still working on finding new exploits. We're just getting on with the making of new code.

That's great! However, what are the rules now?

I'm glad you asked. Here's what is currently off limits:

1) Asking or telling about where to obtain pirated software.
2) Asking or telling how to run pirated software, say from a memory stick.
3) Study and development of for the purposes of furthering piracy.
4) Study and disassembly of copyrighted code obtained illegally.
5) Sharing and discussion of information obtained illegally.
6) Starting a post with, 'I know this is against the rules, but...'
7) Anything else that involves breaking the law for the majority of us here.

This list may change as time goes on.

Is there anything else I should know?

Well, that this is a forum dedicated to the study and development of new psp software in a manner as legally as possible. We're not here to provide technical support for emulators or teach you how to program. You should have a basic understanding of programming, a willingness to learn and the ability to discuss things in an adult manner.

Thanks! Now where can I find the warez0rs?!!?!

As always, the best in pirated software can be found at: Make sure you upload a lot of your own stuff, its a ratio site!
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