PSP thread overload!

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PSP thread overload!

Post by ooPo »

Since we seem to be having an overload of PSP related discussions, that forum has been split into two - one for general discussion and another for development topics.

I have currently moved all the topics with 10 or more replies to the development forum but some may be moved back to general as I get time to separate them properly. Do not be alarmed!

It would be nice if the development forum would remain for homebrew development purposes such as finding ways to run code or exploring weird bugs. Topics such as movie formatting and what games you like should stay in the general forum.

I would also like to take this chance to remind you that starting a new topic is for starting a new conversation about a topic different from those already being discussed. If you want to add something to a topic, please reply to the topic itself. We don't need a hundred new topics about browsing in wipeout... one or two at most should do.

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