Forum online after 10years offline

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Forum online after 10years offline

Post by Oobles »

I found myself with a bit of time over the weekend and decided to see if I could find and put online these forums. After a bit of stuffing around and converting an old backup, I've got it online.

If you remember your userid and password you will still be able to login.

If anyone has an interest in administrating these forums and wants to make them more active please message me on twitter.

Update: If you still have the same email you registered here the forget password link should now work.
Update: I've enabled registration. Experiment to see if anyone is interested in using it.
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Re: Forum online after 10years offline

Post by TnA »

I wonder how many are still using their old Email address(es) and are interested in looking into what happened in The Scene.

I suppose it is possible to notify them about the forum being back online.
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