Loading an ELF file above 0x80000000

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There is no pfs support for Linux 2.6 available. At least you can use apascan to mount Linux partitions on hard discs with the Sony partitioning scheme.


So you can directly install PS2 Linux using your xubuntu.
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@Mega Man

Thanks, I remember this now... perfect for mounting from my Ubuntu VM and transferring my files! I think we have the bulk transfer problem and shared partition for ps2-linux / homebrew covered thanks to you. Just needed your kernel fix, a little command line scripting, and the apascan package...
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I have made some successful try of linux on my slim PS2 : i was able to go to command prompt :)

I just have following issue:

- When i start first ulaunchELF 4.4 then linux loader 2.0 it freeze (after loading all "plugin" or something like that).
But only when my USB key is plugged. When it's not plugged it doesn't freeze.
And if i start linux loader 2.0 first (not going through ulaunchelf), i have no freeze at all.
I am the only one having such freeze ?

- My usb keyboard is working on linux, but not in linux loader. Any plan to have virtual keyboard in linux loader ?

thanks for the works anyway.
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The only similar problem which I had, was caused by FreeMcBoot, but then it wasn't loading any module. The last modules loaded are the USB and keyboard modules. So it may possible that it is caused by USB, but it also tries to access CD/DVD in this moment. Please check if you have a readable disc inserted and network connected to an enabled switch.
I don't plan to add support for a virtual keyboard. You can save the configuration using the game pad. Then you can edit the file mc0:/kloader/config.txt. You can also use the started Linux to edit the file:

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mount /mc0
vi /mc0/kloader/config.txt
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