Calling for help from experts

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Calling for help from experts

Post by protomank »

Hello. As most of you know, I am programming a game in SDL for PS2. But the fact is that SDL in PS2 is low-quality in several places.
I am willing to try to fix it, but the problem is that I am not a PS2 developer, nor know the PS2SDK very well, nor have time to learn it. So I need your help.

What needs to be implemented or fixed:
- fix SDL_Mixer threads, so sound is not choppy
- fix SDL_Timer (I've already partially fixed it, no big deal)
- fix mp3 support in SDL_Mixer (I tryied, but seems to have problems in smpeg)
- add MIDI support in SDL_Mixer

This is actually not a lot of things, and if done, would help a LOT of people to port their software to PS2 very easily. So, how can you help?
First of all, I want to know the people that implemented SDL, anyone here know if they are alive (in the sense of us being able to contact them)? Their knowledge can help a lot.
Second, please just walk in and start working, you guys surely are better than me to fix simple things in PS2 development.

Thanks in advance to all interested at least in reading this rant :)
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