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Presenting MCTools

Posted: Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:28 am
by methos3
Ive just compiled and tested the first usable version of my program, MCTools. It's not complete yet, and I'm not going to post the source code for now because we can't call it a "understandeable" code. I didn't comment and organize it properly.

It uses HDProject's mcdump.irx and mcflash.irx (they had a minor problem, causing the PS2 to freeze when dumping an image to a pendrive, but I've corrected it).

For now, the only thing it can do is: create and restore memory card images. Lately I'm going to add an option to play a game using an image as a memory card, implement the "options" menu, maybe put memory card auto-detection (and multitap compatibility), add "host:/" and "cdfs:/" as sources, and another things.

Well, here it is:

Any questions, you can ask me!