PS2 to USB Converter

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PS2 to USB Converter

Post by Omaedon »

I have seen this piece of equipment everywhere online...I, however, am not comfortable ordering things over the internet. I've been to Wal-mart, Gamestop, Radio Shack, and cannot find this piece. According to other websites this adaptor is most commonly used for allowing somebody to use their PS2 Guitar Hero Controller on the PC via USB port to play frets on fire/guitar zero. If anybody knows of a store that carries this, PLEASE let me know.

P.S. the most common name I've seen associated with this adaptor is "Super Dual Box Pro"
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Post by jgrimm »

if you live in Ohio or Pensylvania you can get them an The Exchange otherwise im not sure theyre hard to find except online
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Re: PS2 to USB Converter

Post by anisebal »

Hi jgrimm,
You didn't get this at that time when you bought because I got this when I bought even if you didn't get then please request to that dealer where you have taken.
They can give you the perfect answer of this if you could or not. They can give you suggestion also that where you can find in which places. Hope this will give benefit to find.
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