ps2 linux on usb memory

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The Live DVD works pretty good! Great work!
Just one remark: It would be even more usable if it would have a working ssh server. For this UNIX98_PTYS and DEVPTS are missing in the kernel and of course a host key is needed.

Some other questions: As the BlackRhino sources have faded away, would it be possible to replace the BlackRhino base with e.g. Debian 4 (last version with 2.4 kernel - all attempts for a PS2 kernel 2.6 seem to be stopped)?
Does it matter whether mipsEEel or mipsel (or mipsel64?) is used for "normal" packages? I don't really a clue what's the difference between them. If mipsEEl only provides small performance benefits wouldn't it be sufficient to have a mipsEEl kernel and libc6? If that's ok 99.9% of the normal debian distribution could be used.
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